Zombie Blast Crew is Vivid Games’s Take on the Undead Apocalypse

If I were a zombie, I like to think I’d use the element of surprise and try to destroy mankind at a time of year other than Halloween. But zombies have limited reasoning abilities, so Halloween it is. 

Zombie Blast Crew is the latest game from Vivid Studios, whose previous hits include the awesome Real Boxing and Space Pioneer. As you can probably guess, it involves killing zombies. 

11 months have passed since the epidemic began, turning healthy individuals into bloodthirsty drones. The survivors have fled from their homes, sleeping outside as they wait for an army that never comes. 

Enough is enough. It’s time for you, a certified badass, to tool up and turn back the zombie tide. 

That means venturing out into the streets to complete short, brutal missions. One minute you’re mowing down 50 zombies. The next you’re salvaging weapons and medical supplies. Then it’s back into the fray to take down a few boss characters. Your work never ends. 

Tactical zombie slaying

As you rampage through the streets you collect coins. You can use these, along with upgrade cards, to improve your weapons, gear, and characters, and as you earn XP and level up you’ll get access to four extra heroes. 

These all have their own unique weapons to wield. You start with a simple but effective assault rifle, but soon add a flamethrower, shotgun, and more to your armory. Plus you can take a customizable loadout of additional ordnance into battle, such as grenades or mines. 

You’ll need to keep your stuff levelled up and choose the right loadout for each mission, since there’s a variety of different zombie types who behave in a variety of different ways. Sometimes you’ll need a shotgun for close-quarters annihilation. Sometimes you’ll need the peerless crowd-control efficacy of a flamethrower. Pick wisely.

Alongside the main single player campaign there are leaderboard-based challenges, such as Horde (surviving waves), Killing Feast (killing as many zombies as you can in three minutes), and Challenge Rush (completing as many objectives as you can). Vivid promises to update these challenges constantly.

Zombie Blast Crew is out right now for free on Google Play and the App Store.