Black Desert Mobile is all set to launch on December 11, and those that can’t wait can pre-install the upcoming MMORPG from December 9 so they’re all set for the big day.

Not only that but you can also get started on creating your character. Given that the character customisation is incredibly extensive, you’ll appreciate having a few extra days to dig into it.

You Can Create Your Black Desert Mobile Character on December 9

If you haven’t heard of this yet, Black Desert Mobile is an upcoming mobile version of the hit PC and console MMORPG, Black Desert. It’s not quite a direct port, but the experience is remarkably similar.

You’ll create a character from one of numerous different classes and head out on a world of adventure. There are quests to complete, hordes of monsters to beat, and loads of other skills including taming horses.

Head on over to the App Store right now to pre-order Black Desert Mobile. You should receive a notification on December 9 that it’s ready to install, which is when you can create your character.

The servers will then officially open on December 11, which is when your adventure will truly begin.