‘Unlonely’ Will Release a Little Later Than Expected

So here’s some disappointing news. Unlonely, one of this site’s most anticipated games of the year (for obvious reasons), isn’t going to be ready quite in time for its previously announced September 22nd release date. This is according to a recent tweet by Rinikulous Games’ Nik Mihaylov who wrote, “Unfortunately, Unlonely will be delayed for a bit due to… life.”

Grr! Pesky life, always getting in the way of plans!

Seriously though, as frustrating as this last-minute hold-up is, I really don’t mind waiting a little longer for Unlonely to arrive. Based on what I’ve seen of the game so far, it looks like it’s shaping up to be something truly astonishing and one of a kind. And hey, its new release window of October isn’t all that far off anyway.

In a separate tweet, Nik mentioned that he’s currently working on a new teaser trailer for the game, so expect that to drop very soon.