Looking for a new mobile time killer? Look no further than Total Party Kill then, Adventure Island’s latest puzzle platformer that’s well worth checking out.

It plays like Trine gone bad, with you helping a wizard, archer, and knight to navigate a bunch of puzzling levels.

Total Party Kill is Basically Trine Gone Bad

Rather than work together though, you have to basically find the right order to team kill them in. You can turn allies into blocks of ice, pin them to walls with arrows, and slash them with a sword to throw them.

Using just these three mechanics, you’ll solve a bunch of puzzles, which basically involve you guiding at least one member of your team to the exit door.

If you like giving your brain as much of a challenge as your reflexes, and don’t really like playing with others, Total Party Kill is the game for you.

So go ahead and grab it right now from the App Store for free. It’s absolutely worth checking out.