Sonic Dash (our review) fans everywhere must have truly wanted “Rouge the Bat” more than any other character, as they have completely obliterated all of the community challenges with a staggering five days still remaining. While most of the other unlock competitions barely ended with success at the eleventh hour, it would seem that Rouge’s former popularity — despite lacking a major starring role ever since Sonic Heroeshas not waned one bit. They have furthermore went the extra mile by giving Rouge her own unique animations, wherein — upon reaching top speed — she flies through Sonic Dash’s stages instead of running along the ground.

However, the most significant part of this news is that there’s still time for anyone lagging behind — or even those whom haven’t yet touched the competition at all — to easily secure their own free unlock of Rouge the Bat. By my estimates it should probably take a player precisely four runs – assuming they haven’t already been participating along the way — in order to secure their own free Rouge unlock, so be sure to hop to it! Anyways — unless SEGA and Hardlight Studios throw us a curveball — it would seem that the next Sonic Dash competition will be for “Cream the Bunny”, at least according to the hackers.