The hit roguelike Rogue Legacy has randomly launched on iOS, and is on sale for a mere dollar to celebrate. You have to be quick though, as the generous sale only lasts until August 11 – that’s Sunday, to the laymen.

Rogue Legacy is one of the finest modern examples of the roguelike, challenging you to battle your way through a wide variety of 2D procedurally generated levels.

Rogue Legacy is an Awesome Roguelike

Each time you die, you’ll start all over again with an ancestor of your previous character. You’ll receive three choices of ancestor – each of which has its own unique perks.

As you play, you’ll earn gold. You can spend this on persistent perks and equipment that you can use on all subsequent characters. That way progression is kind of permanent, as you’ll have something to show for your time.

The goal is to beat a selection of bosses so you can face the final boss, at which point you’ve beat the game. Then you can do it all over again on new game plus!

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab this awesome roguelike while it’s going cheap. A mere dollar for a game of this calibre is nothing to sniff at.