Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

The Rival Stars sports franchise is back with a brand new entry that challenges you to run your own horse racing farm. You’ll breed your own horses and race them yourself in a variety of different competitions.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks to help you run the best farm imaginable.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Tips:

  • Pay attention to your horse: Horses have a variety of different strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll have a much better time if you pay attention to these. Does your house like to lead the pack for the entire race? Prefer to go slow and steady until the final straight? Keep an eye on their stats and play accordingly. Don’t try and force your horse to race in a manner they aren’t comfortable with.
  • Breed horses to offset weaknesses: You can create your own super horses using the power of breeding. If you have an insanely fast horse that tires quickly, breed it with a horse that has a lot of stamina. The baby horse should then inherit both traits of its parents, which will put you in good stead for future races.
  • Save your sprint for the final straight: Don’t waste your sprint at the start of a race unless you’re confident that you can gain it back before the final straight. It’s a much better idea to use it then, as you can speed ahead of the competition. Slow and steady usually wins the race.
  • Pay attention to the race’s distance: There are short and long races in Rival Stars Horse Racing, and you’ll need to adapt your strategy for both of them. If it’s long, play it safe and conserve your energy throughout. If it’s short, you can get away with using your sprint a bit more. Never break the golden rule though: save your sprint for the final straight.