PUBG Mobile’s Season 10 update, Fury of the Wasteland, has just launched, introducing a new Royale Pass, map, weapon, vehicle, and more.

The highlight is, naturally, the Royale Pass, which will reward you with a bunch of wasteland-themed treats over the course of the season.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 is Themed Around a Mad Max-Style Wasteland

There’s space for a bunch of new stuff, including a team deathmatch map called Ruins, a decent new SMG weapon MP5K, and a new Zima vehicle – the latter two of which are only available on Vikendi.

During the season, a new Falcon companion will arrive, along with a new character, the vehicle engineer Sara.

You can learn more about all of the new stuff by reading the official blog post, or go ahead and grab PUBG Mobile on the App Store if you’re sold already.