Plant Nanny 2 Harnesses Your Botanical Impulses to Help You Drink More Water

Forget multivitamins and cod liver oil – water is by far the most effective health-promoting substance in our daily lives, and yet a large proportion of us fail to drink enough. 

You can usually identify the people who do drink enough water. They’re the ones with glowing skin, alert minds, supple joints, normal blood pressure, and regular bowel movements. 

How can you enjoy these perks of healthy living? By downloading Plant Nanny 2. 

This clever lifestyle app from developer Fourdesire encourages you to drink water by giving you a plant to look after. It’s a simple and intuitive idea. 

Plants need water, and so do you. And if you can’t find the motivation to drink enough water for yourself, maybe you’ll do it to watch your cute little plants blooming and flourishing before your eyes.

Plant Nanny 2 works by essentially partnering you up with a plant. When you drink, your plant drinks, and so your good health is mirrored by the burgeoning vigor and beauty of your leafy friend on the screen. 

You can customise how many reminders you get a day, either at set intervals of two, four, or six hours, or at specific times of your choosing. You can even set the units to millimetres or ounces, and Plant Nanny 2 will tell you how much you need to drink depending on your body data and exercise habits. 

As long as you stick to your watering regime, your plant will flourish until it graduates to the greenhouse, at which point you’ll get a new plant to look after. Your old plants, meanwhile, will generate seeds that you can collect and spend on in-game goodies. 

It’s a perfect motivation for drinking plenty of water, and if you download Plant Nanny 2, enter the coupon code IFBONUS into this site, and register within two weeks you’ll get a head start in the form of 50 seeds for free.