Pixel Manager may well be the first mobile game you get hooked on in 2020. After all, this charming management sim from developer 3×1010 provides you with the perfect New Year’s resolution: taking a team that’s fallen on hard times and restoring it to greatness. 

In pursuit of that lofty goal you’ll get involved with all areas of soccer management, from trading players to hiring specialists. You’ll need to oversee your club’s finances, too, while still making time to cheer your boys on from the sidelines. 

Matches play out in real time, so you can respond in the moment to red cards, injuries, substitutions, goals, and so on. There are even weather conditions to take into account. 

Your godlike level of control goes all the way down to physically designing your players, with millions of customizations available. You can decide on skin color, facial fair, face shape, hairstyle, and numerous other characteristics. 

That means you’re free to try and create players who look like real people, or come up with new people of your own. It’s practically a game in itself. 

But looks are only skin deep. Soccer supremacy goes right to the core, and it’s your job to build a team of unstoppable soccer machines and take them right to the top.

Winning matches nets you cash, which you can spend on expanding and renovating your stadium to unlock even more revenue. It also improves your world ranking, giving you a constant carrot to chase in the form of a world title.  

Pixel Manager is a dense, detailed, totally comprehensive soccer management game, but it caters for casual as well as serious players. There’s humor in every pixel and line of text, and the retro pixel-art visuals will appeal to players who like a spot of happy nostalgia. 

Pixel Manager is available on Google Play and the App Store. Download it for free right now.