Pigs Beware, Angry Birds are Back!

Angry Birds, one of iFanzine‘s all-time favourite games, has just gotten yet another amazing update. From our full review: The title has wonderful fun with its bird-brained ideas, gets extremely addictive, and the titular characters positively ooze charm…(Angry Birds) is an expertly assembled physics puzzler that gleefully drops an f(un) bomb on the competition.

If for some reason you haven’t yet picked up explosively enjoyable Angry Birds, get it now! This is one game that just gets better and better…

What’s New?

  • 15 brand new levels
  • Exciting new themes (clouds/sky)
  • New Golden Egg levels
  • A level designed by Ethan, Rovio’s greatest fan
  • A Crystal update to better challenge others
  • Golden Egg page instructions
  • Clearly defined reward messages
  • Even more hours of feather-flinging fun!