‘PhotoLink’ Lets You Get Productive and Personal, out for iPhone Now

Have you always wanted a way to keep all of your important information close at hand? Well we’ve got some good news for you. Photolink is out right now on the App Store, and it lets you do just that.

By adding information as a widget in your notifications drawer, the app allows you to really take control of the customization of your iPhone, putting what you need to know front and centre.

There are plenty of different functions here, and they’re the sort of things that, once you start using them, you’re going to wonder how you ever did without.

First you can add images to the widgets, meaning you’re never too far away from your favourite pictures and photos. But it gets much cooler than that.

You can essentially build your own feed of information. Connect the widget to any website and it’ll automatically update when new content is added. Perfect if you like keeping track of stocks and shares, or if you like making sure that you know exactly what’s going on in the world.

Then you can access your favourite websites without an internet connection thanks to a caching system. It’ll make sure that you’ve always got that important knowledge close to hand.

If that wasn’t enough, Photolink also lets you resize the images you use with ease. The app is a great way to put your own stamp on your iPhone. It’s easy to use, and there are a lot of features here that are incredibly useful.

Best of all, you can give it a go right now for free, although it’ll be ad-supported. If you like what you see, there are a couple of IAPs that let you get rid of the adverts, as well as letting you add more than one widget at once.

You can download Photolink on iOS now.