Nintendo Is Adding ‘Zelda’-Themed Items to ‘Miitomo’

Huh. I kinda thought that the Nintendo name would be enough to carry Miitomo (our review) to success. But according to the folks over at Pocket Gamer that’s not the case. After a strong launch (the app racked up 10 million downloads within the first couple of weeks of being released), Miitomo is apparently struggling to engage and retain existing users, let alone attract new ones.

So, in the hopes of rekindling its popularity, Nintendo is adding new Zelda-themed clothes, items and stages to the floundering game. Miitomo fans can score the free in-game swag by partaking in a “Retweet Event” which is currently being run on Twitter. The promotion also coincides and ties in with a The Legend of Zelda exhibition Nintendo has planned for this year’s E3 expo.

If I’m being honest, Miitomo isn’t my cup of tea, but if you’re a fan, I can see how these kind of cross-promotional events between it and other Nintendo properties would be cool and exciting. Personally, I just wish the mobile versions of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem would hurry up and get here.

Source: Pocket Gamer