News Roundup: iPhone SE 2 Rumored for 2018 Release, More

Welcome to iFanzine’s Weekly News Roundup, where we take a quick look at four or five of the most interesting Apple and iOS gaming-related stories of the week. Today’s instalment includes: an intriguing new iPhone SE 2 rumor, a gameplay trailer for AXE.IO, a crazy busy week for Team Ocmo, and more!

iPhone SE 2 Possibly Coming in March 2018

If you’re hankering after a new iPhone but can’t afford to splurge on the ultra-expensive iPhone X, you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple’s much more wallet-friendly iPhone SE is rumored to be getting a refresh in early 2018. Although the SE 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, there are already some cool fan-made concept videos (such as the one above) doing the rounds that envision what the device might (but probably won’t) look like.

[iPhone Glance]

Help Pick a New Logo for ‘Slidey Feet’

Our friends at Juicy Beetle Games have a conundrum and need your input. Here’s the deal: they’ve designed three potential new logos for an updated version of their acclaimed puzzler Slidey Feet, but can’t decide which one they like the best. Here at iFanzine, we’re partial to options two and three, as they’re both quite a bit more eye-catching than the original. What do you guys think? Can you pick a clear favorite?


Crescent Moon Games Announce ‘AXE.IO’

Fresh off the success of MorphiteCrescent Moon Games have announced that they’re set to publish another gorgeous low-poly game in early 2018: Yvette Game Studio’s AXE.IO Brutal Battleground. As you can see in the above trailer, AXE.IO is an arena-based brawler that pits a bunch of players against each other in madcap axe throwing battles. We think this one looks and sounds like a ton of fun, so we’ll keep you posted as we find out more about it.


Team Ocmo Had a Crazy Busy Week

Think you had a crazy week? Well, think again, because Team Ocmo definitely have you beat! The up-and-coming indie studio just enjoyed an incredibly event-packed seven days which included being nominated for a prestigious award, visiting The Finnish Parliament House, and taking meetings with mobile gaming giants like Rovio (Angry Birds) and King (Candy Crush Saga). Wow. Go Team Ocmo!