Ubisoft has just released its ill-fated PC Diablo challenger Mighty Quest For Epic Loot on mobile, potentially giving it a second lease of life.

You’ll travel across the world of Opulencia, battling a wide variety of enemies in opposing castles, haunted pirate shops, and cursed cathedral.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin

Along the way, you’ll pick up an insane amount of loot. Over the course of your adventure, your character is going to change an awful lot as you swap out different pieces of gear you pick up.

Your pile of loot isn’t the only thing that will grow either. You’ll also unlock a wide variety of different skills and abilities that allow you to customise your character’s play style.

In terms of modes, you’ve got a massive PvE campaign to battle through and PvP matches, which come complete with their own leaderboard. Ubisoft will also chuck the odd event or two at us.

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.