Lineage 2: Revolution Gets the Winged Kamael Race and a Dual Class System in Latest Update

Lineage 2 has just received a massive new update that introduces a whole new race – the winged Kamel – and a new Dual Class system.

The Kamael race is a female Elven-type species that can become a Berserker, Abalester, or Soul Breaker in terms of classes.

Lineage 2: Revolution’s New Update Also Coincides With a Massive Levelling Up Event

There’s also a new Dual Class system that allows you to change your class without the need to create a new character – all while maintaining your character’s current CP.

If you feel like dipping back into Lineage 2, there’s a huge event on right now that triples the amount of XP you earn right up until level 320. You’ll also receive a bunch of rewards by checking in every single day for two weeks.

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab Lineage 2: Revolution, along with the huge new update.