The survival rate among pirates has to be pretty low. Not only do they spend their lives contending with ocean-faring hazards like scurvy and falling in, but they also commit a lot of crime, which is always risky when cannon fire and cutlasses are involved. 

Last Pirate: Survival Island puts you into the shoes of a pirate whose survival prospects are  even more tenuous than those of a pirate at sea. Marooned on a desert island, you need to stay alive for as long as possible without the luxury of a well-stocked galley or a helpful crew.

That means getting enough fresh water to drink and enough food to eat. Fortunately, there’s fruit that’s ripe for the picking – but fruit isn’t enough to sustain you for long. If you really want to thrive, you need to eat some animals. 

Fishing and hunting are vital skills on your island. Luckily for you your hand has been replaced by a hook – a disability in many walks of life, but a positive boon when you need to impale fish.

You need to cook, too. Everybody knows that raw meat will give you a poorly tummy, and the rules on Survival Island are the same as they are in the real world. 

Right up until you meet the zombies, that is. The island plays host to numerous deadly supernatural entities, including the walking dead and some evil skeletons. These monsters are always more active at night, making every sunset a descent into gibbering terror. 

To see off the undead threat you’ll need to craft weapons and tools out of animal bones and other materials, making everything from simple axes and bone maces to ornate pistols. 

Last Pirate: Survival Island takes its inspiration from games like Rust and Sea of Thieves – high end PC and console games with vast worlds and stunning visuals. It looks the part, too, with some pretty stunning graphics of its own, from the gently rippling tropical waters to the macabre abandoned settlement. 

You can download Last Pirate: Survival Island on Google Play and the App Store for free.