‘Kung Fury: Street Rage’ Is Getting a Kick-Ass New Update

Although we here at iFanzine definitely enjoyed Kung Fury: Street Rage (our review), I know that some people out there thought the game — which took heavy inspiration from One Finger Death Punch — could have used more content. Most commonly people complained about the lack of a stage based campaign mode, or — perhaps more importantly — the fact that they weren’t allowed to shoot Nazis in the balls as Triceracop. Well then — should you have been one of those people — you no longer need to dread a future where such content continues to remain unavailable, as Kung Fury: Street Rage just got simultaneously struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra at the same time!

A brand new update — entitled: Kung Fury: Street Rage: The Arcade Strikes Back — has just launched on both the PC and major gaming consoles, with a mobile port to soon follow (once iTunes’s staff can stop playing it long enough in order to approve the patch). For those whom already enjoyed the previous edition’s endless game play, don’t worry as that option is still here — precisely as you remembered it — without any changes to mess up your groove. You will — however — now alternatively be able to tackle endless mode with any of Kung Fury’s fearless friends, such as: Hackerman, Barbarianna, and Triceracop (all of whom bring along radically different — and often highly technical — fighting styles).

Furthermore — for people whom have already either mastered endless mode to the point of boredom, or perhaps are just looking for a less aggressive place to learn the game’s ropes — there’s also a new story campaign, complete with voice acting from the actual film cast! It all begins when Hackerman attempts to use his amazing computer skills to send his friends over to the beach, but instead gets his hacking signal intercepted by the mother modem of the nefarious Nazi arcade machine. Now each of the four heroes will have survive a fixed number of waves before doing battle against the evil arcade machine if they ever wish to escape, which each section topping things off with a unique boss fight.

They’ve additionally added Laser Raptors to Kung Fury: Street Rage as well, because — if we’re all truly honest with ourselves — I’m sure we can all agree that everything becomes much better when Laser Raptors are present.