Leaving planet earth seems like a pretty good idea right now, so the guys from Blockgames couldn’t have timed the release of Kings of Space any better. 

Kings of Space is all about fulfilling the universal dream of colonising new planets and dominating the galaxy.

You’ll build a base, a farm, a mine, a habitat, and all of the other infrastructure you’ll need to survive and thrive in the hostile terrain of an uninhabited celestial body. 

Right from the get go you’ll be under attack, so you’ll need to set up defences to auto-attack any aliens with designs on your burgeoning interstellar settlement. 

You’ll also need to learn navigation, from picking a system to choosing an enemy planet to attack. And that means you’ll need to master combat, against both ships and bases. 

These planets are gorgeously rendered in 3D, and so are the various buildings you put up. As you grow your base it’ll turn into a bustling, glittering settlement surrounded by the flora and landscape features of your host planet. It looks a bit like a mobile strategy version of Mario Galaxy. 

As you play you’ll upgrade your buildings, ships, and units, as well as discovering new ones, until you’re ready to strike out into space and establish new colonies. There are thousands of planets to explore, and a huge solo campaign to work your way through, as well as time-limited challenges to complete.

Of course, no space game would be complete without trade, and so Kings of Space lets you trade resources between your planets. 

It also lets you attack other players and fight in multiplayer battles for a place on the global leaderboards, earn achievements, complete time-limited challenges, unlock special planets, and much, much more.

Kings of Space is available in early access right now, and it’s well worth checking out. Download it on Google Play and the App Store