‘Implosion – Never Lose Hope’ Is IGN’s Free Game of the Month

While I do think that terms like “AAA” and “console-quality” are bandied about too easily when it comes to mobile games, they are most definitely applicable to Rayark’s Implosion – Never Lose Hope. Seriously, everything about Implosion, from its gameplay to its visuals to its voice acting, just screams top-notch.

Implosion picked up pretty much universally positive reviews when it hit the App Store earlier this year, with Pocket Gamer calling it “fast, exciting, and full to the brim with action” and Gamezebo saying “(it) might just be the best action game that fans of the hack-and-slash genre can find on modern mobile devices.”

Of course, Implosion does have a steep price tag ($9.99) to match its all-round excellence. If that’s too rich for your blood, you’ll be pleased to hear that IGN has named it as their Free Game of the Month for November. To secure a complimentary copy of the game, all you’ve got to do is head over to this page and click the big red button that says “get free game.”

Please note — you’ll need to go through the above link to generate your unique promo code for Implosion – Never Lose Hope; if you attempt to download the game directly from the App Store you’ll still be charged the full price. Codes are in limited supply and are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so act fast if you want one.

Source: IGN