Hectic Shooter, Bullet Hell Monday Finale, is Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Fancy blasting some alien spaceships into pieces today? Well you’re in luck, because the brilliant midcore bullet hell blaster Bullet Hell Monday Finale has just landed on the App Store.

You control the game with a couple of fingers. One you’ll slide around the screen, weaving your ship through a rain of lasers and crafts. The other you’ll use sparingly, tapping it alongside the other one to unleash a bomb.

Check out the trailer we’ve embedded below to get a feel for what the game has to offer.

Don’t worry if things look too hectic – the game eases you into its explosive action. Although, if you’re already a shooter fan, you can skip the tutorials and get straight into the meat of the experience. Everything here looks gorgeous – neon blasts of light litter the screen, and stylised explosions ripple through space.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale is out right now for iPhone and iPad. It won’t cost you a thing to download the game, which is pretty much our favourite price. Click here to download Bullet Hell Monday Finale from the App Store right now.