Gorgeous Mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja Will Launch February 27 on iOS

The gorgeous mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja is officially coming to iOS on February 27, developer Archosaur Games has confirmed.

It’s a pretty ambitious prospect, with everything you love in the genre making an appearance.

Dragon Raja is a Highly Ambitious Upcoming Mobile MMORPG

There’s a massive open world to explore, a wide variety of PvP modes, action-packed real-time combat, and plenty of challenging world bosses, dungeons, and battlefields to fight through.

You can select from four different classes and a variety of different careers. There’s further character customisation in terms of cosmetics, with a bunch of different physical appearance options.

If you like the sound of this, you can head on over to the App Store right now and pre-order it. That way you’ll automatically download it as soon as it’s available.