Gogogo! is a Madcap Multiplayer Bonanza in Open Beta for iOS Right Now

The beautiful thing about mobile gaming is the scope it offers for experimentation. For every match-stuff puzzler there are a hundred more games that do something different. And Gogogo! is definitely one of them.

The game is a same-device multiplayer extravaganza that’s packed with 50 different challenges. These range from memory games to hide and seek, from balancing challenges to tests of your reflexes. And they’re all presented in a gorgeous hand-drawn art style that really pops off the screen.

Gogogo! lets you challenge up to 16 of your friends to madcap, quick-fire games of skill. You’ll get points for winning a round, and the player with the most points at the end is crowned the champion. You can find out more about the game by checking out the trailer we’ve embedded below.

Looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? In fact it looks like exactly the sort of party game that you’re going to whip out and make everyone around you fall in love with. Gaming doesn’t have to be about violence and conflict, it can be about bringing people together too. And Gogogo! definitely understands that.

The game is currently in Open Beta for iPhone and iPad. If you want to get that open beta, then click here to check out the Gogogo! official site, where you’ll find all of the information you need to get started. You’ll also be able to sign up for a newsletter to get more info on the game.

We’re really looking forward to firing up Gogogo! with some friends and seeing just how much fun the game can be. What about you? Does this one look like it might be right up your street? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below.