Loveshack Entertainment’s Framed probably needs no introduction. The ultra-stylish noir-puzzler caused quite a stir when it hit the App Store back in 2014 and went on to win a slew of awards and accolades. It was also my favorite mobile game of that year — something I share in common with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima — so I’m beyond psyched to hear that there’s a sequel, Framed 2, in the works.

At this point details are scant on Framed 2, other than what can be gleaned from a newly unveiled teaser trailer (see below) and a batch of screenshots posted to the game’s official website. From the looks of things, Loveshack are aiming to offer fans of the first game a nice blend of familiar and new. The comic book-y visuals and puzzle mechanics from the original are set to return, while there’s also an all-new premise, characters and setting to look forward to.

Framed 2 is scheduled to arrive on iOS devices in early 2017. But if you can’t wait, and happen to live down under, you’ll be able to go hands-on with a playable build of the game at Melbourne International Games Week later this month.

Source: Touch Arcade