Everything New Coming to Dragalia Lost in April 2020

Nintendo and Cygames have announced what’s coming to mobile RPG Dragalia Lost this month. There aren’t just new characters and events either – every player is going to get a whole chunk of goodies as well. The Fire Emblem crossover events are set to continue too.

There are two new characters – Aldred and Bellina – but they’re unlike any you’ve used before. They don’t have shape-shifting abilities, but can enter a new state known as dragondrive. It doesn’t use up the whole special gauge and boosts your skills and stats. 

A third character, Grace, will be added soon. She’s a healer that lacks recovery skills, so you’ll need to think carefully about who you pair her up with. 

Lost and Found

On April 19th the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event comes back, along with a summon showcase featuring Marth, Fjorm, and Veronica. There’ll also be a brand new elemental chimera boss and new chimera weapons. A new Fire Emblem event will begin at the end of the month. The Hunt for Harmony facility event will be coming back in mid-April as well. 

Every player is also going to receive 100 Fafnir Medals and 100 Fortifying Crystals as well. Looking ahead there are going to be more updates, more events, and plenty of tweaks to the game too. You can check them all out on Dragalia Lost’s official website by clicking here.