Drive Park

Drive Park Beginner’s Guide: How to Parallel Park Like a Pro

Drive Park is a simple little high score chaser that challenges you to do one of the most complicated driving techniques: the parallel park.

Each level gives you 10 different cars to park with, and you have to earn a certain amount of cash to progress to the next level.

Use up all 10 cars before you’ve earned enough cash and you’ll fail. And nobody likes that.

Fortunately, we’re here with a bunch of tips and tricks to help you progress.

Drive Park Tips and Tricks:

  • Don’t overthink it: Drive Park isn’t as complicated as in real life, because this driver doesn’t really care for subtlety. Just tap to use the breaks and release when you’re in the right spot.
  • Timing is everything: Timing is the most important thing to get right in Drive Park. Make note during the first level, which teaches you when to break, and try and do so at that spot every time.
  • Try not to crash: Obvious point for sure, but as soon as you crash the police will be onto you. So do your best to avoid that – even if it means wasting a car.
  • Take car speed into consideration: Different cars have different speeds, so take that into account when you use a new car. It might take a few different attempts to get the timing right.
  • Let the bays guide you: Use the bays to guide when you need to brake. Some cars might need two bays to slow down enough while others might just need one.