Dream League Soccer 2020 Has Just Launched on the App Store

Dream League Soccer is back, with its biggest update in ages. It’s so big, in fact, that it isn’t even an update: Dream League Soccer 2020 is a standalone app.

That’s because there have been wholesale changes to pretty much every aspect of the game. Player models now move a lot more realistically thanks to motion capture.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Features Motion-captured Animations

The visuals have also seen a huge overhaul, and are a lot more beautiful looking throughout. That’s both on the pitch and off too, as the main menu screens have seen a lot of work.

Under the hood, transfers and upgrading players have seen a lot of work. You now receive a selection of players to recruit after every match, or you can get your scout to go out and hunt for players.


There’s the usual single player game mode, online multiplayer, and more. Go ahead and grab Dream League Soccer 2020 right now on the App Store.