Clash of Clans just got a massive injection of content right in time for Christmas, with a new Town Hall, Hero, Troop, Defence, and more.

The Town Hall is themed around Dark Elixir Ice and features its own signature defence, the awesome-sounding Giga Inferno.

Clash of Clans Gets a New Town Hall, Hero, Troop, Defence, and More

The new hero is the Royal Champion, a warrior whose Seeking Shield will destroy any enemy defences nearby.

In terms of new troops, there’s the Yeti, which summons Yetimites that serve as solid minions that will fight your enemies for you.

Then there’s the Scattershot, a brand new shotgun-like defence and the Siege Barracks, which will steadily release surprise units.

You can grab Clash of Clans on the App Store right now, or simply head on over there to get the recent update.