Tencent is throwing its hat into the Auto Chess ring by releasing its own version, Chess Rush, on mobile this week on July 3.

Chess Rush plays out on an 8×8 board and features two modes: Classic and Turbo. Classic is the long-winded, deeply strategic Auto Chess experience we’ve grown to love, while Turbo provides fast-paced 10 minute matches, which are more suited to mobile play.

Chess Rush Features a Fast-Paced Turbo Mode and Co-Op Play

In either mode, you’ll battle against seven different opponents to see who has the best mind for strategy. There are over 50 heroes to appoint on your team, and you can appoint multiple of the same hero to upgrade them and trigger Affinity Bonuses, which equips your heroes with items.

There’s even a co-op mode, which pits four teams of two against each other. That’s awesome for the players amongst us who prefer to be a little more social.

Chess Rush launches July 3, so you really won’t have to wait long to get started on this awesome new Auto Chess-like by Tencent.