St. Patrick’s Day has been and gone this year but you can still celebrate it so long as you have BitLife installed. That’s all thanks to a nifty little update that introduced Leprechauns to the mix.

While you can’t quite turn into a little Irish midget that hides gold underneath a rainbow, you can take on the new Leprechaun job. This pays the big bucks.

In this guide, we’re going to detail exactly how you can become a Leprechaun and what the benefits are. Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day!

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What is a Leprechaun in BitLife?

A Leprechaun is a new type of job in BitLife, that pays an awful lot to those lucky enough to become one. You can apply to be a Leprechaun if it appears in the job listings and your pay will grow tremendously if you work hard.

That’s the secret to being a successful Leprechaun: hard graft.

How to Become a Leprechaun in BitLife:

Becoming a Leprechaun in BitLife isn’t overly difficult. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get there:

  • Choose Ireland as your country of birth: Every little helps.
  • Keep your stats in the green: Leprechauns really do like green stuff. And gold. Lots of gold.
  • Forget college: You can’t teach someone how to be a Leprechaun. You’re either born with it or you have to suffer a life of misery like everyone else.
  • Search the job listings rigorously: Leprechauns don’t have a defined starting salary, so you’re going to have to use those eagle eyes and scan the entire job listings until you find the job.
  • Work hard: Leprechauns are hard working, so you have to be too. Apply this while searching for a position and then double down when you get one so you can earn the big bucks.
  • It might take a few BitLives: Becoming a Leprechaun is a lot like finding a four-leafed clover: you need to get lucky. So it might take a few BitLives, it might not.