Another Eden, the massive JRPG by the makers of Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc 2, and Bintochan, is out right now on Android.

Much like in the game that inspired it, you’ll travel across time itself to save the world. You’ll delve into ancient history, the distant future, and the present time.

Another Eden Features Development Talent From Chrono Trigger and Luminous Arc 2

You play as Aldo and his sister Feinne as they strive to defeat the demon king, who wants to destroy the entire human race.

Cue an adventure that spans an entire world. You’ll explore during side scrolling sections and 3D open world sections.

There’s also turn-based battles, of course. What sort of self-respecting JRPG doesn’t have them?

You can grab Another Eden right now on the App Store. It’s well worth it for fans of JRPGs.