Boost downloads of your iOS games by advertising to iFanzine’s highly targeted audience.

If you’re looking to promote or advertise an iOS game, you’ve come to the right place because our readers are your target customers.

As one of the leading and longest-running iOS gaming sites on the web, iFanzine attracts a large, engaged audience of enthusiasts who are always actively seeking new games to download and play. This means that placing an advertisement with us allows you to put your product in front of precisely the right people at precisely the right time.

We offer a range of advertising solutions to suit any budget (yes, even yours), including sponsored articles, site takeovers, and desktop and mobile-friendly banner ads. You’ll find the complete list below.


  • 728 x 90 ad
  • Displayed site-wide, directly below each article
  • Mobile-friendly

Price: $37.50 (50k impressions) or $50 (100k impressions)

Half Page

  • 300 x 600 ad
  • Displayed site-wide, bottom sidebar.
  • Sticky on compatible devices and browsers
  • Mobile-friendly

Price: $50 (50k impressions) or $75 (100k impressions)

MPU (Medium Rectangle)

  • 300 x 250 ad
  • Displayed site-wide, top sidebar
  • Mobile-friendly

Price: $75 (50k impressions) or $125 (100k impressions)

Site Takeover

  • 1920 x 1030 Background Skin
  • 728 x 90 Site Header Leaderboard
  • Displayed site-wide
  • Leaderboard is mobile-friendly

Price: $99 (7 days), $150 (15 days), or $275 (30 days)

Sponsored Post

  • Professionally written
  • Guaranteed 7-day or less turnaround time
  • Social media promotion (20k+ potential customers)
  • Permanent post

Price: $99 Special Offer: $85

For bookings and availability inquiries, please contact our sales manager at the e-mail address below. We are also always happy to discuss and work with you on any other bespoke advertising needs you may have.