Adventure Quest 3D regularly holds “live” music concerts in-game that let you listen to music from your favourite artists while battling monsters and bosses for loot.

They’re aptly-titled Battle Concerts and the latest is live in-game right now. Alice in Chains is the featured band, and they’ve been created in-game with 3D avatars and everything.

Adventure Quest 3D Regularly Hosts In-Game Battle Concerts

Simply go and grab a free ticket from the capital city of Battleon and head on over to the venue. While there, grab a few repeatable quests for extra rewards and head inside.

You’ll get to listen to a few hit Alice in Chains songs while intermittently fighting monsters and bosses, earning multiple chests full of treasure along the way.

It’s a lot of fun, and does kind of feel like a real life gig. Your characters will automatically dance away to the music when not dancing, while the on-stage rockers rock out with awesome animations.