‘Pocket Mortys’ Gets Another Content-Packed Update

It would seem that the pretentious High Council of Ricks has recently discovered an entirely new batch of previously uncatalogued Mortys, and this latest mother-lode contains some of the weirdest ever seen! Furthermore, these new Mortys aren’t just some of the bizarrest sidekicks ever — now including the likes of Pepperoni Pizza Morty, or even Super Unicorn Morty — they also have access to impressive new powers. Amongst these new powers are the ability to place the stun debuff on your foes, which — when successfully used — massively increases the odds that any given action-attempt will fail!

To help you do battle against these new opponents — which begin showing up after you’ve first earned enough badges — two new items have been added, which allow you to remove the stunned-status from your Mortys (either curing just one of them, or your whole team). Both of these items are additionally craftable — assuming you have the right components — whenever the appropriate workstation has first been reached, meaning even more crafting recipes have been added as well. Speaking of which, you can now instantly construct any recipe you already know — without manually placing each and every part — thus massively speeding up the construction of any item that involves multiple crafting-steps.


Finally — in a move you perhaps won’t be fully-overjoyed to hear — it would also seem that all the other trainers have been paying close attention to your tactics, especially the other Ricks. Now your challengers may well switch from one Morty to another — much the same as you often do — when they realize defeat is nigh, vastly increasing Pocket Morty’s difficulty by a hefty margin. Considering how the game had a tendency to become rather tedious over time, this new change may well serve as a breath of fresh-air for all those Morty trainers out there whom had become a bit bored of their superiority.

Just remember, when all else fails there’s still Bird Person to eternally bail you out.

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