Oozoo Inc.’s Unreal Engine-powered 3D Beat ‘Em Up Brandnew Boy has always been a totally kick-ass game, but it just got even better thanks to today’s stonking new update. The fresh content on offer includes three all-new female playable characters, an additional gameplay mode, seven more weapons, as well as a bunch of accessories and costumes to unlock. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Oozoo Inc. and our good pals at appsasia and are giving away ten $10 iTunes Gift Cards!

We had a fascinating chat with Oozoo Inc. a couple of weeks ago, in which the developer spilled the beans about their long-term plans for Brandnew Boy, some of which have come to fruition with this newest update and some of which we’ve still got to look forward to. You can check out that interview in its entirety here, and be sure to have a read of our in-depth review while you’re at it too.

If those articles pique your interest in Brandnew Boy, and you fancy picking up the game — good news! — it’s on sale at the moment, down from its usual price of $3.99 to a very attractive 99¢! Rather than twiddle your thumbs while you wait for that to download, why not try your hand at winning a Gift Card?

As always, entering is a simply a matter of completing the steps below:

A) Make sure you’re following iFanzine on Twitter.

B) Re-tweet this post as many times as possible all this week! (or share/like it on Facebook, Google +1 etc). Bonus points for those of you who ‘like’ our FaceBook page too!

C) Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by dropping a quick message in the comments section below.

We’ll wrap this contest up one week from the publication date of this post. Winners will be notified by e-mail and/or Twitter.

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  • Contest now closed! Thanks once again to our generous sponsors appsasia and Oozoo Inc., and congrats to the following lucky winners who each scored a free $10 iTunes Gift Card… Fuyu, Salazar, Mike_Fitz, spring, Kenzo III, Bartosz Nowak, Sean, Dcalbie, Arutiun Mokoian & Dclose!

    • Mike_Fitz

      Thank you!!!

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