Mustplay Games are an indie studio that really live up to their name. I thoroughly enjoyed the company’s last couple of titles, Left R Right and Swift Plane (our review). And their newest release, Intruders: Robot Defense (out now, $1.99), just might be their best, most accomplished game yet.

Intruders: Robot Defense is an action packed and strategy filled tower defense game that puts players in control of a soldier whose base is under attack from an army of killer robots. Using the base’s vast arsenal of futuristic weapons, defenses and deployables, it’s up to you to fight back and kick the invaders’ shiny metal asses! The game is a tremendous amount of fun and boasts a long list of features, including impressive 3D visuals, 80 levels, 4 unique gameplay modes, and 20+ hours of content.

If you fancy checking out Intruders: Robot Defense yourself but don’t have $1.99 to spare, you’re in luck! The fine folks at Mustplay Games have very kindly provided us with 5 copies of the game to give away to our readers. And being in with a chance of winning is as simple as completing the following steps…

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  • Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by leaving a comment below.

This contest is open worldwide — however, you will need a valid U.S. iTunes account in order to redeem your prize. The winning entrants will be selected at random and notified by Tuesday, April 25th, 2017. If you are among the lucky winners, we will contact you via Twitter DM and/or by e-mail with a promo code shortly thereafter.

  • Bok Qoon Lim

    Hi I already like and share to fb, pls gv me the code

  • When entering, please be sure to leave a quick comment below. This step is important because we often use Disqus linked email addresses for sending out prizes. Best of luck to everyone!

  • BGS

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  • 蔡坤琳

    I have already completed the above steps. This game looks great.
    Give me a chance.I want to try it. 🙂

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  • Congrats to the following lucky winners: provista, Oak Kkadsffsd, Jenny Oskay, 蔡坤琳, and Bok Qoon Lim! Your prizes were just sent out. 🙂