Doros Games’ Two Numbers Puzzle (out now, free) isn’t the kind of app that tries to wow you with flashy visuals, gimmicky gameplay, or a long list of features for the sake of having features. On the contrary. It’s perfectly happy just to be a simple, fun, well made puzzler.

Inspired by the likes of 2048 and Threes! (our review), Two Numbers Puzzle is a tile-based number matching game. In it, you’re presented with a six-by-six grid of different numbered tiles, and your task is to match and merge as many same-numbered tiles as possible for a high score. You do so by touching the screen to highlight a tile, then swiping (left, right, up, or down) to push it towards a match. The game ends automatically when there’s no more possible moves left to make.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Now some people may find Two Numbers Puzzle’s gameplay a bit bare bones, but I really appreciate its emphasis on straightforward simplicity. This is exactly the sort of lightly strategic puzzler I like to play to get my brain in gear while sipping my morning coffee.

Like I said up top, Two Numbers Puzzle isn’t the flashiest game ever. It does boast some attractively minimalist design work though, which when coupled with the game’s gentle color scheme, pleasant music and unhurried gameplay, lends the whole experience a very relaxing, ambient atmosphere. This sense of calm is somewhat spoiled by the gaudy banner ads that run along the bottom of the screen at all times, unfortunately — but these can be removed via a quick in-app purchase. Aside from that, there are no irritating or nagging IAPs to worry about in Two Numbers Puzzle whatsoever. 


Two Numbers Puzzle is an enjoyable and very nicely put together little puzzler. Its fun but undemanding nature and relaxed, unhurried pace make it the perfect sort of game to enjoy over a quiet cup of coffee or during a boring commute. Recommended to anyone who doesn’t need a ton of unnecessary bells and whistles in their games.

Attractive minimalist design
Intuitive and easy to play
Relaxing music and ambience
No nagging IAPs
Not a universal app
It may be too 'bare bones' for some
Very Good
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