visual novel

Desi Leaves Town Review

A unique visual novel/casual puzzle mashup that benefits from strong writing, standout voice acting, and clever minigame design. It helps if you're a 19th century literature buff though!

Dream:scape Review

Are you one of the millions who have trouble initiating lucid dreams? speedbump studios has an app for that. An immersive virtual novella and above all a work of gorgeous interactive art, "Dream:scape" is a little lighter than average in terms of gameplay but still well worth a stay on many an iDevice. And if you happen to like a little nightmare mixed in with your dreams, get ready for what is sure to be one sweet ride!

Twilight Cherry Review

Visual novels are some of the more interesting review requests we get at iFanzine. This one, recently re-released by m-kz with an updated script, is quite the roller coaster, and in more ways than one! If you enjoy visual novels despite their sometimes curious translation quirks and you know what the word "moe" refers to when it comes to Japanese art styles, this one might just have your name on it.

Road to Emerald Review

If you had the chance to give "The Wizard of Oz" a makeover in videogame form, what would you do? For ImageCircus, an Osaka-based visual novel publisher, the obvious answer was to replace Dorothy's iconic anthropomorphic companions with handsome bishounen and turn the whole thing into a dating sim. Whether you find the setup strangely intriguing or just plain sacrilegious, one thing's for sure: after a trip down the "Road to Emerald" you'll never look at L. Frank Baum's classic the same way again!