Updated: ROBOT 99 Review & Giveaway

Having previously launched an iPad only version of ROBOT 99 to widespread acclaim, über-talented Taiwanese illustrator/award-winning web designer/first time iOS game developer Fu is back with a brand spanking new universal binery. And while, when played on a smaller screen, the multi-touch powered party aspect of this title does not really compute; overall, it remains a visually stunning and thoroughly addictive little time waster.

Legendary Wars Giveaway: 15 Codes Up For Grabs!

Liv Games' Legendary Wars earned a close to perfect score from iFanzine's discerning lead reviewer, Sean Koch, when he gave this "Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo" an in-depth appraisal recently. And now thanks to the latest update - which, amongst other improvements, adds a host of control tweaks and a brand spanking new casual mode - this already awesome game just got a whole lot better!

My Virtual Girlfriend: Updated, Enhanced & Available

WET Productions' My Virtual Girlfriend has just received a significant new update that adds a host of new improvements and features to the fun, 3D dating sim. iFanzine quite enjoyed the game when we reviewed it, and said: " (My Virtual Girlfriend) looks good, is fun to spend time with, has a great sense of humor, and knows how to be a little naughty...

Major Dino Rush Update Coming Soon!

Nemoid Studio today announced an exciting new update to their cute endless running game Dino Rush. Version 1.1, which has been submitted to Apple and should become available in the next couple of weeks, will feature a new desert world and a third playable character in the shape of a woolly mammoth named Marvin...

Chillingo’s Pirate’s Treasure Updated! (New Trailer)

Angry Mob Games (Guerrilla Bob, Predators) were brought on-board to help Game Lab knock their fun dual-stick shooter Pirates Treasure into shape just in time for an exciting new update. This version adds a clutch of extra levels, unlockable booty and a ferocious Boss enemy, while pint-sized warmonger Guerrilla Bob makes a special guest appearance, blasting his way through a shiny new stage!

Mad O Ball 3D Just Gets Better & Better…

One of iFanzine's all time favorite games, Breakdown Studios' marble rolling masterpiece Mad 'O' Ball 3D has just gotten a hugely impressive new update. From our full review: "Pitch-perfect physics, pretty scenery and a dizzying sense of speed and vertigo make Mad ‘O’ Ball a terrifically enjoyable roll ‘em up

Pigs Beware, Angry Birds are Back!

Angry Birds, one of iFanzine's all-time favourite games, has just gotten yet another amazing update. From our full review: The title has wonderful fun with its bird-brained ideas, gets extremely addictive, and the titular characters positively ooze charm...