Turn Based Strategy

Danger Alliance: Battles Review

"Danger Alliance: Battles" clearly illustrates the potential of the Turn-Based Strategy genre on iOS, proving that strategic depth can go hand in hand with a rock solid interface. Those concerned about the content-to-price ratio may very well be surprised by how long this one keeps their attention, thanks to skillful deployment of its limited assets.

Jelly Wars Review

Eschewing the likes of Openfeint and Game Center, Jelly Wars employs Star Arcade Oy's very own social gaming platform to pit iOS, Android, and Symbian gamers from across the globe against each other in quirky turn-based battles...

Epic Giveaway: Final Fantasy Tactics!

One, Two, Three, Four, we declare a Lion War! That's right, we're giving away up to four copies of "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions" for iOS depending on how many Tweets we rake in. No, we're not crazy. We're iFanzine. All you iPod Touch and iPhone-owning Zodiac Braves, sally forth and see what you must do for your chance to win!

Hands-On Preview: Danger Alliance

For all of you waiting on pins and needles to see what the fate of isometric turn-based strategy games will be on iOS, never fear: TOME Studios is hard at work proving that the genre can be executed just as well on a touchscreen as on a console. After spending some hands-on time with "Danger Alliance: Battles," we're not even sure we'll be able to go back to physical controllers for our TBS fix.

Tactical Warrior Review

Good game design sense trumps resources every time, at least when it comes to player enjoyment. Need proof? Look no further than this ultra-simple but ultra-fun Turn Based Strategy offering courtesy of James Pawliuk!

Vincere Totus Astrum Review

It's all Greek to some of us, perhaps, but the title of Gamesare Studios' first iOS outing should be music to the ears of strategy game fans who prefer something deep and with a sci-fi bent. It may be billed as a "Casual 4X Strategy Game" but the depth and amount of its content will hardly seem casual to most iOS gamers.

Ships N’ Battles Review

Don't you just love a title that tells you exactly what to expect from the game? Skahal Studios certainly delivers on their promise of ships, and battles, and what's more, the title of their debut iOS offering doubles as a clever play on the fact that it's a rendition of the much beloved classic "Battleship"!

Hunters: Episode One Review

The primordial soup of perfection can be found in Rodeo Games' first offering: an intriguing premise, standout gameplay features, and an excellent user interface that takes full advantage of the iOS. Sadly the product as a whole still feels a bit too underdone for widespread mass appeal, but Turn-Based Strategy fans are still doing themselves a favor in checking this one out.

Pantheon Cycle In-Depth Review

We know what you're thinking: "Zombies, in a Celtic inspired setting? Count me in!" However, the most important thing to do before you leap into Gilli Games' Turn-Based Strategy offering is to tone down your expectations; this is the beater car of the genre. In other words, bona fide genre fans can count on Pantheon Cycle for a good time, but there's not enough glitz and sparkle here to draw the attention of a wider audience.