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Mad Chef Review

"Mad Chef" is a standout among tycoon sims for its simultaneous accessibility, depth, and pseudo-shoot 'em up feel. Whether you're into upgrade-heavy time and resource management games, or just looking for the next zany action title, Foursaken Media's latest doesn't disappoint.

Youda Survivor Review

No, Yoda is not in this game. At least as far as I know -- he could still be hiding out somewhere within, because this time and resource management sim courtesy of Youda and G5 is absolutely sprawling!

Hands-On Preview: Mad Chef

Imagine if Bobcat Goldthwait grew a beard, set up a concession stand on a New York City curbside, and began "cooking" by chucking meat cleavers at a stream of food and condiments tossed high up in the air. With Game Center achievements.

Haunted Domains Review

Alawar Entertainment's ushering in the Halloween season early with this time management game, originally developed by Artifex Mundi for the PC. Its status as a port comes as a drawback in the interface department on the smaller iDevices, but "Haunted Domains" is otherwise as compelling as it is spooky.

Hands-on Preview: Haunted Domains

We've begun Trick or Treat a little early here at iFanzine, visiting developers' doorsteps in search of goodies. One of the titles that's landed in our candy bag is Alawar's swift-approaching time management sim, "Haunted Domains!"

Farm Frenzy 3 Review

Going into this, I refused to believe that the words "arcade" and "farm sim" could possibly go together. Several hours of nail-biting resource management challenge later, I came away a "Farm Frenzy" junkie. Just don't tell my friends, okay? They think I'm playing "Halo" and "Gears of War."