SpyCorp Review

A great stealth platformer weighed down by a number of minor issues, "SpyCorp" could stand lots of further polishing -- but even so, it's still a content-filled feast for platforming fans in search of titles with real depth.

Pickpawcket Review

Not only is "Pickpawcket" one of the best art history lessons you'll find on iOS, it's a really cool game too! Maybe it's not that port of "Metal Gear Solid" you've always wanted on your iDevice, but fans of stealth action and logic puzzle games are nevertheless highly encouraged to give this one some well-deserved attention.

Super Ball Escape Review

With a gritty, tech-noir-ish tone and aesthetic, fully-fledged storyline told via sumptuous hand-drawn cutscenes and plenty of pulse-pounding stealth-based action, Playlithium's thrilling new game, Super Ball Escape, turns the rolling-ball genre's tendency towards the cute and colorful on its head. Think Metal Gear meets Super Monkey Ball...

Surveillant Review

There's gonna be three types of iDevice gamers when it comes to this ingenious offering from Recluse Industries and Vector Lovers: those who absolutely adore it, those who just don't get the excitement surrounding something that looks so dated, and those who toss it down in frustration after a few minutes wrestling with its interface. Most who stick with it will fall into the first category, as it's a true work of art that defies genre preferences with its addictive premise and sheer novelty factor.