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The iFriday Roundup, No. 9

It's another doozie of a news roundup, with lots of sales, updates, and release news. Plus, find out how you can win an iPad 2 with a little artistic talent inside!

The iFriday Roundup, No. 3

Free games, free games, and more free games! Has everyone gone mad? Check inside to see what all the fuss is about, plus news and updates that caught iFanzine's attention this week.

Epic Giveaway: Final Fantasy Tactics!

One, Two, Three, Four, we declare a Lion War! That's right, we're giving away up to four copies of "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions" for iOS depending on how many Tweets we rake in. No, we're not crazy. We're iFanzine. All you iPod Touch and iPhone-owning Zodiac Braves, sally forth and see what you must do for your chance to win!

Chaos Rings II Trailer

If the release of a new Chaos Rings game wasn't enough, it looks like Square Enix is not quite done infiltrating our minds with RPG stuff as only they can! Po...

Insane Giveaway: Final Fantasy III!

There's little doubt that a game of this pedigree has enough high quality content to merit the $15.99 price tag, but nevertheless, its surprise appearance has probably left a lot of iDevice owners thinking they might have to forego the Square Enix RPG goodness this time around. Well, that won't be true for one lucky iFanzine reader! Will it be you? Rev up that Twitter account of yours to find out!

Secret of Mana In-Depth Review

Time to party like it's 1993! This golden oldie has suffered a bit from the porting process in terms of user interface, but that's nothing iOS Action RPG fans haven't taken in stride already. Otherwise it's well worth checking into for its much-beloved party system and all-around excellent game design.