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‘PUK’ Devs Announce Their Next Game: ‘ALONE’

Laser Dog have just unveiled an awesome teaser trailer for "ALONE", their eagerly awaited follow-up to the excellent "PUK".... Read More »

Mines of Mars Review

If you have the patience to clear the seemingly endless, directionless digging at the start, "Mines of Mars" ends... Read More »

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Marvel Taps Indie Studio Glitchsoft to Develop ‘Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Game

Marvel Entertainment and Glitchsoft have teamed up to produce "Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past". Read More »

Thomas Neptune’s Adorable Looking Endless Runner ‘Jumpie’ Frolics onto Kickstarter

A Kickstarter has recently been launched for "Jumpie", an endless runner starring a cute kitty called Boxcat. Read More »

Slick Entertainment’s ‘Shellrazer Bugzkrieg’ Blasts onto the App Store this Thursday

Slick Entertainment's "Shellrazer" is getting some serious update love this week! Read More »

Super Obstacle Boy Review

"Super Obstacle Boy" by Matthias Falk is a perfectly decent little single-screen platformer. 'Super' may be a stretch, though. Read More »

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Move Over, Mario: Female-Led 16-bit Platformer ‘MARíA’ Funding Now on Kickstarter

Angel Duarte is seeking funding for "María" -- an excellent looking SNES era inspired platformer. Read More »

Room 8 Studio’s Award-Winning Game ‘Riot Runners’ Will Hit iOS on February 13th

The eagerly anticipated "Riot Runners" will be available worldwide very soon. Read More »

‘Stellar Wars’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes Free!

In celebration of an epic new update, Liv Games have set the price of "Stellar Wars" to free for... Read More »

Draw Slasher Review

Don't pass up Mass Creation's "Draw Slasher" if it seems too simple in the beginning -- it's a great... Read More »

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