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Top Tank Review

Easy to play yet challenging to master, "Top Tank" is sure to keep you coming back for more... Read More »

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‘Target Acquired’ Acquires Kickstarter Funding, Described as ‘Megaman’ Meets ‘Temple Run’

TouchTen Games have locked down funding for the excellent-looking "Target Acquired"... Read More »

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr Describes His Top-Down Shooter ‘Crucible’ as “Gauntlet Meets Terminator”

The crowdfunding campaign for "Crucible" only has a few days left to go... Read More »

‘Assassin’s Creed Pirates’ Is Apple’s Free App of the Week

Ubisoft just let us know that Apple have selected "Assassin’s Creed Pirates" as their "Free App of the Week"! Read More »

Furballs Review

Despite a few issues, "Furballs" is a compellingly whimsical take on the fast-paced “tap to shoot” style of games.... Read More »

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Mines of Mars Review

If you have the patience to clear the seemingly endless, directionless digging at the start, "Mines of Mars" ends... Read More »

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Slick Entertainment’s ‘Shellrazer Bugzkrieg’ Blasts onto the App Store this Thursday

Slick Entertainment's "Shellrazer" is getting some serious update love this week! Read More »

R-Type II Review

"R-Type II" is a beautiful trip down memory lane, but whether you’ll accept the frustrating difficulty depends on how... Read More »

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Bloodstroke Review

It’s a shame that so many problems crop up the further you get into "Bloodstroke", because the first hour... Read More »

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Battle Supremacy Review

If you have even a passing interest in tanks or World War 2 combat, "Battle Supremacy" will definitely live... Read More »

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