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Turret Commander Review

Kylinworks had a rough entry into the App Store earlier this summer, but they're flying much higher with this competent endless shoot 'em up-slash-flight combat sim.
Toybox logo

Toybox Review

An unlikely genre mashup makes "Toybox" one of the most memorable casual action games on the App Store.
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Toybox Preview

A space shooter/Match 3 mashup? How could such a thing possibly exist? Find out inside!

Planet Wars Review

If you're a fan of dual-stick shooters and are looking for a genre offering that's much deeper than average, "Planet Wars" should be a real treat -- provided you don't mind a sluggish character at your fingertips.
Tiny Troopers Thumb

Tiny Troopers Review

"Tiny Troopers" could have gained more depth with a true class system, but it's still a standout action game for its rock solid interface, meaty persistent campaign and a quirky treatment of modern warfare.
Shoot the Zombirds Thumb

Shoot the Zombirds Review

"Shoot the Zombirds" stands out from the milieu of casual iOS games only for its well polished presentation and a few interesting quirks.
Towers Thumb

Towers Preview

Check out this refreshing spin on the infamous "bullet hell shooter" genre!