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shoot em up

Help Kickstart ‘Starr Mazer’, an Amazing Fusion of the Graphic Adventure and Shoot’em Up Genres

Imagos Softworks' Kickstarter for "Starr Mazer" has certainly gotten off to a flying start... Read More »

Cinemaware Set to Revamp Another of Their Classic Games with ‘Rocket Ranger Reloaded’

Cinemaware have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get "Rocket Ranger Reloaded" off the ground... Read More »

R-Type II Review

"R-Type II" is a beautiful trip down memory lane, but whether you’ll accept the frustrating difficulty depends on how... Read More »

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Interview With James Petty, President of Action Mobile Games

We chat with Action Mobile Games to learn more about the development of "2013: Infected Wars." Read More »

Sine Mora Review

Its wonderfully intense gameplay and stunning graphics make "Sine Mora" an easy recommendation for shoot 'em up fans. Read More »

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Roswell Fighter Reloaded Review

Protect the planet from invading aliens in "Roswell Fighter Reloaded", a beautifully presented and surprisingly addictive Arcade Shooter. Read More »

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Giveaway: Win AVP: Evolution, Penumbear, Toy Story: Smash It!, and Let’s create! Pottery HD x4!

Another week, another star-studded array of iPhone and iPad games to be won! Read More »

First Look: ‘Cute Kill’ from Touchten, Definitely Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Zombie Game!

Feast your eyes on a teaser trailer for Touchten's crazy new zombie game "Cute Kill"! Read More »

‘Shellrazer’ Goes Free for a Week to Celebrate Today’s Huge ‘Ice-Breaker’ Update!

The super-awesome "Shellrazer" gets updated and goes free! Read More »

Grab ‘Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead’ For Free Right Now!

Here’s another fantastic and completely unmissable freebie to finish out the weekend, folks! Read More »

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