Time for Epic Review

Well, wouldn't you know it -- no sooner do you master time travel than a mass of aliens, displaced World War I soldiers, and dinosaurs flood in to take over you...

Danger Alliance: Battles Review

"Danger Alliance: Battles" clearly illustrates the potential of the Turn-Based Strategy genre on iOS, proving that strategic depth can go hand in hand with a rock solid interface. Those concerned about the content-to-price ratio may very well be surprised by how long this one keeps their attention, thanks to skillful deployment of its limited assets.

The Secret of Chateau de Moreau Review

Start with an Agatha Christie novel, stir in some delicious anime art, sprinkle in tons of clever brain-stumping puzzles, and you get Four Thirty Three's "The Secret of Chateau de Moreau." While not without some translation flaws, it's a truly gripping marriage of videogame and narrative. Here's to hoping there's more where this came from!

The iFriday Roundup, No. 6

Whoa, all these free games forced us to make this week's roundup a full two pages long! Check the first page for tons of unbeatable freebies, and don't forget to flip over to the second for our usual celebration of noteworthy updates and cool iOS gaming news!