Frantic Flight Review

An engaging approach to challenge and a slick two-mode take on the genre make "Frantic Flight" well worth a buck if you haven't completely tired of running games yet.

The iFriday Roundup, No. 22

iOS devs are all too happy to help you get into the Christmas spirit this week! Check inside for some very notable updates, a very beautiful M.U.S.E. gameplay trailer, and fantastic stocking stuffers you can grab for free!

Whale Trail Review

"Whale Trail" won't convince you back into the infinite side-scroller genre if you've written it off for good, but if the occasional infinite game has become your guilty pleasure, this is definitely one to check into for its great physics and exquisite level of polish.

Requiem Review

So many action games rest on the challenge of defeating giant boss monsters. Here's one that proves running away from them can be even tougher!

Diversion Review

No interface? No problem! After learning how limited the player's input options are in the Edis Brothers' "Diversion," I went in determined to loathe it. Instead, after a few hours leaping, sliding, shimmying, gliding and climbing through its levels, I came out on the other side a firm believer. Behold the running game to end all running games!

Stellar Escape Review

Now it's Orange Agenda's turn to show that March is shaping up to be a great month for those who happen to like their iDevice games short, sweet, and cheap. Even if it lacks the cool explosions and ray guns expected of a game that takes place in outer space, Stellar Escape proves insanely addictive with its brand of sidescrolling acrobatics.