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Iesabel Review

"Iesabel" offers the opportunity for dungeon-crawler lovers to team up with friends online to battle evil. Read More »

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‘Sage Fusion 2’ Gets Release Date, New Trailer

"Sage Fusion 2" hits the App Store this August 14th. Get up to speed with a new trailer, screenshots... Read More »

Dungeonism Review

"Dungeonism" is a stylish neo-retro tribute to the RPG classic "Temple of Apshai", but with a twist thrown in... Read More »

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Knights of Pen & Paper Review

"Knights of Pen & Paper" is a very unique and vastly amusing RPG that perfectly captures the P&P experience... Read More »

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Hands-On With Ravenmark: Mercenaries

Witching Hour Studios return with a multiplayer follow-up to their hit TBS "Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion!" Read our hands-on... Read More »

Doom II RPG Retroview

Boasting wonky humor, amazing visuals and tight controls, this enhanced port of "Doom II RPG" is absolutely stellar! Read More »

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Interview With Eric Kinkead, Creator of ‘Questlord’

Eric Kinkead drops by to chat about his widely acclaimed Dungeon Crawling RPG "Questlord". A must-read interview! Read More »

HEAVY – Sword Review

If you're nostalgic for "Super Mario Brothers", you can now try an armed RPG version: "HEAVY - Sword". Read More »

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Mighty Dungeons Review

While "Mighty Dungeons" does a great job of capturing various tiny nuances of the adventure board game genre, it's... Read More »

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Survivor Z Review

"Survivor Z" is a unique survival heavy RPG that should appeal to anyone whom has ever wondered how well... Read More »

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