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‘Squids’ Comic Book Out Now; Both ‘Squids’ Games Updated with New Content to Celebrate!

The Game Bakers and Ape Entertainment team up to give "Squids" the comic book treatment! Read More »

Dungeons & Butter Goblins Kickstarter Wants You To Help Shape the Game

Help shape the future of nostalgic old school gaming romp "Dungeons & Butter Goblins"! Read More »

Critically Lauded RPG ‘Dragon Island Blue’ Free for a Limited Time Only!

ZigZaGame announce new title "Hunter Island" and celebrate by making "Dragon Island Blue" completely free! Read More »

‘Shellrazer’ Goes Free for a Week to Celebrate Today’s Huge ‘Ice-Breaker’ Update!

The super-awesome "Shellrazer" gets updated and goes free! Read More »

Giveaway: Win He-Man, N.Y.Z.2, Dungeon Story, Trap Mansion & Sherlock Holmes 1!

It's Monday again and that means one thing and one thing only here at iFanzine: Giveaway time! Read More »

EpicHearts Review

"EpicHearts" is an original 2D sprite based action RPG with phenomenal production values on par with a great GBA... Read More »

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Kirin Wars Review

"Kirin Wars" is a fine substitute for people wanting something like the "Advance Wars" series on the go... Read More »

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The Game Bakers Give ‘Squids Wild West’ a Gigantic Content Update!

Saddle up "Squids" fans! The Game Bakers are back with another serving of content for "Squids Wild West". Read More »

Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Review

With 60+ hours of gameplay, and production values out the wazoo, "Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch" easily creams any... Read More »

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Quickfire Giveaway: Ten ‘Kirin Wars’ Codes Up for Grabs Thanks to Zephyr Games!

Ten copies of Zephyr Games’ "Kirin Wars" must be won between now and tomorrow. Quick, get re-tweeting! Read More »

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