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Kirin Wars Review

"Kirin Wars" is a fine substitute for people wanting something like the "Advance Wars" series on the go... Read More »

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The Game Bakers Give ‘Squids Wild West’ a Gigantic Content Update!

Saddle up "Squids" fans! The Game Bakers are back with another serving of content for "Squids Wild West". Read More »

Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Review

With 60+ hours of gameplay, and production values out the wazoo, "Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch" easily creams any... Read More »

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Quickfire Giveaway: Ten ‘Kirin Wars’ Codes Up for Grabs Thanks to Zephyr Games!

Ten copies of Zephyr Games’ "Kirin Wars" must be won between now and tomorrow. Quick, get re-tweeting! Read More »

First Look: Instant Games’ Poker Knight, The First “RPPG” Ever!

The indie studio behind "Paleolithics" are prepping another unusual-sounding iOS game for release soon! Read More »

Bargain Alert: KEMCO Slash 90% Off Fantasy Chronicle’s Price!

JRPG fans rejoice -- KEMCO's "Fantasy Chronicle" just received a pretty radical price drop! Read More »

Free Version of “Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land” Slithers onto iOS!

Try Red Wasp Design's H.P. Lovecraft-inspired turn-based strategy RPG before you buy! Read More »

Dragon Island Blue Review

"Dragon Island Blue" is a heavyweight contender for anyone seeking a "Pokemon"-esque experience on their iOS device. Read More »

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Giveaway: Win Dragon Island Blue, Blast-A-Way & A Bunch of Bag It! Codes!

Fire up those Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts for your weekly chance to win a sizzling selection of the... Read More »

Dwarf Quest, A Dungeon Crawler 20 Years in the Making, Hits the App Store Tomorrow!

"Dwarf Quest" promises to be a fun throwback to classic 90′s dungeon crawlers! Read More »

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